A band of pirates community fest!

Milan, Italy 

Workcamp on Kids & Urban Arts 

5th July – 20th July



Our association “APS YARD” promote, together with a committee of inhabitants, the annual summer community festival of San Siro district, a multicultural area, at the center of the main urban transformations of the second biggest Italian city, Milan. 

The aim of the workcamp is to achieve an  exchange between the inhabitants of San Siro  and the group of volunteers, international and local, in order to create the possibility of sharing experiences for both. 

The festival was born to promote community  activities, social inclusion and anti-racism,  housing right for all, and to improve social conditions. The international and local volunteers group will help the inhabitants and the association’s partners to realize the event. In particular the volunteers will help to ideate, organize and manage the urban arts activities direct to children and youngs. 

Childrens and kids of the neighborhood often live in socio-economic disadvantages and during summer, with schools closed, they have few opportunities to participate to community activities. The international volunteers will be always side by side with local volunteers of the “Banda dei Pirati Project” with experience in previous festival editions.



The host association “Aps Yard” was founded in 2001 and it focus many different subjects connected to human rights: anti-racism, community development, urban arts & cultures, active citizenship, reuse and recycle, mutual aid, non-formal education with young people and children. 

We promote a work camp in the San Siro district, a multicultural popular block at the center of the main urban transformations of the second biggest Italian city. Our aim is to achieve an exchange between inhabitants and the international volunteers group to create the possibility of learning experience for both. The expedient is the annual summer festival of the committee of inhabitants. 



Milan is located in the north of Italy and is the second largest city of the country and his economical capital. Milan is not just fashion, design and glitter:  it is also a vibrant city that fights for right to equal opportunity, against racism, for a sustainable environment. 

Volunteers will be hosted at the “Space of Mutual Aid”, a community squat that host a lot of social projects and the co-housing of tens of families from all over the world. The hosting community consists in the inhabitants of this co-housing project, the supportive district, the tens of young people involved into the social projects that take place here.