Winter Camp 2016 Patchanka Network

Winter Camp 2016 Patchanka Network

It ‘starting Patchanka Winter Camp 2016.
Until February 3, we will organize training sessions, exchange of experiences to play good practices, design sessions, presentation of local and international actors. We will face many issues that characterize all year our activities: volunteering, sustainability, social tourism, development of territories, culture and books, sports against racism, urban cultures, resilience, self-training.

Different associations and / or groups of young people active in Patchanka Network will succede in attending the school: Banda dei Pirati & Araxe (Yard), C_Rise (Yard), Association “Zero Zero”, No Border Onlus, Social Metix, Rubin Carter, Urban Cultures (Yard), Videofficine.

We will also organize public meetings:
January 9, 2016 the presentation of the local circuit of resilience and solidarity economy; have a look about it here!
January 14 a panel discussion on volunteering which will see the participation of APS Lunaria, circuit Woof and our French partners Echanges & Partenariat.

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