Workcamp about Community Sport and Self Building! 

LEVELupPROMODear friends, athletes and supporters, we’re very very glad to invite you to join us in a special experience we’re building at the “Hurricane” popular gym: the Level UP! workcamp, from 7th to 19th of april, at SMS, Spazio di Mutuo Soccorso in Milan.

A good way to continue the self-building works… and to build a strong, international community of people that love sports! Ten volunteers from France, UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Ukraine, Mexico, Greece and Russia are helping us to open a new, free space and to fit it, to have another cheap, funny place where to share the love for the sports and the respect of other person!

Hope to see you with us!! Stay tuned, soon online our work’s diary!




The goal of the workcamp is to help to “Rubin Carter” amateur sports association to build a new level of his gym. Infact “Level up!” is about recover the second floor of the building and transform it into a gym, involving the beneficiaries and the neighbours in the works. In the same days there will be in Milan also the annual “Design and Architecture Expo”: we will demonstrate another way to build up together something different in an alternative mood.

The international volunteers group will help the local volunteers to dispose of trashes, clean up, rebuilt walls, pave floors, do plumbing and electrical works, painting, decorating, setting up the gym… a lot of hard works! In the free time you can also enjoy the sport classes of boxe, yoga, martial arts, tai chi, break dance, capoeira, theater, belly dance..We will organize workshops about the practice of self building and public moment of community working.

It will mainly be team work. The daily shift will be about 6 hours of work (depending also on what will be decided together). It will be provided a day off, and another day will be dedicated to visiting the city together.


The ASD Rubin Carter was born with the idea that the first thing that matters is not the money, not the sponsors, not the profit that a company can have, but the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and also of self confidence and in the same group with which it is practiced. We chose to use the name of an athlete that can well represent the spirit with whic734932_961752177250538_5403461249175106943_nh we approach the sport and not only: Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a great sportsman and a great man, who has fought all his life in the ring and outside, rebel against the wrongs that he had suffered and injustices of racist society.

We believe that sport can be a powerful instrument of interaction between people, through which to build moments of social interaction, mutual understanding and respect, which are free and open to all.

From 2013 we run a community gym, with the aim to guarantee economical accessibility to sport for all in the expensive city of Milan. The gym “Hurricane” supports several projects in which an upright fair play represent the natural prevention to discrimination and racism. The gym is completely self managed by the athletes and the coaches, that invented and built up it independently in a daily development.

The activities increased and now we need to “Level up!”


Check our   page and our website to see how the work camp is going on and the public event we do!


If you got an idea to share with us, or you just want to join the sport activity of ASD Rubin Carter don’t exitate to write us at asdrubincarter@gmail.com