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YARD at “Moving Stories” UNITED Conference

YARD at “Moving Stories” UNITED Conference

APS YARD promoted, organized and took part in the UNITED Conference “Moving Stories: Narratives of Migration Crossing Europe“, that took place near Torino among April 22nd-27th.

A conference talking about narratives that all across Europe promote populism and racism, the rethoric of borders and walls, but also about the strategies and tools we can use for changing narrative itself.

And that is a job that starts from the ground, in the blocks, among the streets and the people who live them, changing the perspection and the fear, let everyone know his/her neighbour, migrant or resident, know his/her story, understand how this story crash with narrative of fear, terror, invasion, crisis…

And then collect stories, create a collective one that could be able to change perspectives, to show another point of view, create new narratives, or -as Stefano Volpicelli said in his speech- new discourses.

Cause another thing we should be able to change is our consitude of accepting narratives without any question about it, without asking what’s behind.

That’s why during the presentation we made on 24th of April we showed the work we’ve carried on through “No Border Tales Project”, project that started almost 5 years ago with a book collecting stories of migrants and datas connected to them and that now became a video-project.

A video that tries to present how every migration story is not just something in the present, a picture without a name in the first page of a newspaper, but something that has a past and for sure dreams and wishes for the future.

We left the Conference with the awerness that for changing narrative we’ve to able to create networks, to collect datas and stories, to present them to people, to create new discourses that show there’s no place to fear and there’s place for solidarity and a common future.

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