Last week, we took part in a training about Sport for All and IVS international volutary service.

The ASD Rubin Carter shared for a full week ideas and experiences with others amateur sports or voluntary associations coming from different countries of Europe (Italy, Greece, Estonia, Scotland, France, Spain/Catalunia) the goal to build common actions and increase the mobility of volunteers in “sport for all” events… Twentyfour heads brainstorming together to share practice and find the best ways of networking, strongly believing that more than ever now is necessary to build bridges instead of walls through Europe.



Of course, beside of the activities, we had also a lot of informal learning… and we joined the WikiHostel’s Pizza Party where we met local people and global travellers and we experienced together a real intercultural night with pizza, french cheeses, scottish dances and a lot of other local products!

Some pics of the intercultural night

The Nomads partners met, shared and fueled with energy, creativity and plans towards the nomadic summer, where 100 young volunteers and athletes will join sport for all events around Europe. Infact, in 2017 about 100 young people will participate in the NOMADS program, traveling the length and breadth of Europe, to support sporting events and social activities where sport plays an important role for cohesion and inclusion. To launch this challenge the participants to the European training have capitalized on their experience – were educators, allentatori, trainers of volunteers – to imagine Nomads in action, from the local actions to the European exchange network of volunteers and athletes.