Two days in and around Montello, an old and dismissed barrack in the last months used by the City Government as place for refugees but closed to the city and the persons who live there.

Two days for open the doors, letting people who live the city enter in it and refugees go out, mixing, exchanging, knowing each other.

Two days of meetings, sports, theatre, social dinner and lunch, cooperation, solidarity. Two days built by migrants and “natives”, joining associations, collectives, organisations, working on rights and antidiscriminations issues in Milan…

A football cup that saw play together football team of students and of the neighbourhood with migrants hosted in Montello, Italian school all over the city, cause when you play, when you make sport, doesn’t matter where you come from or the colour of your skin.

A meeting between migrants hosted in Montello, organisations worked on human rights and anti racist issues, Italian schools and a lot of people from the Montello neighbourhood.

A story-telling afternoon, a moment for migrants and refugees to tell themselves, their trips to and through the Fortress Europe, but also to let solidarity to tell.

Within the 21st March action week against racism, 2 days for saying NO ONE IS ILLEGAL, anyone has the right to find out his/her happiness wherever it could be, fighting racism and discrimination together.