English Summary

The project is inspired by the experiences of free libraries – such as the Baltimore (USA) and Madrid  (Spain) ones – and by the initiatives of “liberation” of hundreds of books, such as that developed by  Argentinean movement Libros Libres. Our aim is to spread the reading with special focus on usually not acquainted with reading contexts. To achieve this goal we will deal with two basic principles in order to develop solidarity and mutual aid in contemporary society: first, free exchange and eco-friendly re-use and, second, valuing  richness of multilingualism. We are going to pick up the thousands of books that people (or publishers) usually lead to the shredder, to use it for initiatives promoting reading, by setting up temporary free of charge library. Nothing better than hold in your hands an engaging novel, or an interesting essay to enter reading adventure. Through these vision and instruments we are going to take part in the celebration Days of poetry and literature throughout the world, along with literary festivals occurring on our territory. Finally, although our idea starts from paper books, the project is going to deal with e-books and other innovative tools, allowing the spread of reading and also increasing access to knowledge. The project will last ten months, but we hope it is only the beginning of a long experience. Accordingly, the initial participants are 5, but we are confident that new entries will join our ranks. To this goal we have dedicated the preparation phase of the project.