English Summary

The project will take place in Milan and deals with publishing and its many different side, especially in the era of growing technological development in this field. A group of young people involved in this subject, exploiting any possible combination of creativity and language will issue a book as the result of a maturation of the skills acquired during progressing, a useful tool in involving as many young people as possible in order to achieve awareness of their role within the community. Project development is going to consist of three main phases: meetings between young people, also joined by externals, involved in a engaging dialogue through non-formal education method. Through the first phase participant will be able to acquire sufficient expertise to deal with the second part of the project: the issue of a book explaining the use of software and specific programs and the network in this particular field. This will be the third part the project: the dissemination of the final product, that will be, at the same time, the mean by which we’ll understand the effective of the whole project.