The “EuroLab” project develops non-formal education, especially concerning with contemporary history and economic base knowledge in young generations. The project is organized around non-formal, open and public meetings and workshops and around the creation of a final-productions collecting results of this work.
The main players of this project will be students attending high schools and universities in Milan and erasmus students who will work together in order to organize at best and help us to reach a more European perspective.
The project will be realized in twelve months in a path of non-formal education open to all the local community and will be organized as follows:
For 3 months, during the preparatory phase, regular meetings and laboratories will take are taking place in the universities.
For 7 months during the construction phase, we will realize focus workshops: collective, horizontal and public happenings about the prominent subject around development of European institution and about European society.
At the same time we will produce three magazines that summarize the most interesting content and will be strongly interfaced with a digital dimension through the use of Qr-Code, augmented reality tools. All content will be available in pdf, epub and mobi. The main themes that we will discuss should be around the follwing concept: “mutual aid”, “european and euro-mediteranean citizenship”, “young participation in social matters”
For 2 months: Evaluation phase
The project includes a video-investigation of self-evaluation in order to highlight the potential of non-formal education, its value as a tool for active citizenship. In addition to this tool we’ll use other (online questionnaires, collecting signatures presence at public events …) Finally, we will draw up a card to the objectives set during the preparation phase, to compare them with the results achieved.