The project will start in September 2013 and will finish in september 2014. 7 participants are involved from the beginning.
The project stems from the desire to give value to the sport as a means of overcoming discrimination and racism, which educates equality and solidarity, in a playing field as in the life of every day.
A group of young members of the Association Rubin Carter will promote the project.
A preliminary phase of the project previews the research, the meeting and the collaboration with different subjects, groups, teams and associations that work on solidarity sport and social inclusion by the sport.
A second phase will be implemented through the organization of workshops, debates and assemblies dedicated to the theme of “sport against racism”. We would like to use sports as an instrument to sensitize and fight social barriers of exclusion proper of racism, giving value to all the differences, putting in evidence as in sport (as a mirror of our society) there space for everybody to have their chance. At the end of this phase will be implemented some audiovisual materials and paper on the importance of solidarity, cooperation, equality in sport. To this end, informal meetings will be organized to debate on these issues. These materials will be presented in a public to disseminate and raise awareness on the issues under analysis not only for the possible recipients, but especially for those directly involved in the project. Presentations will also use the important experience that some participants had in the creation of another project youth about the same issues, “Oui Sport.” In addition to Milan, the city headquarters of Rubin Carter, will be presented and distributed these materials to a range of other sporting events dedicated to antiracism in Italy, such as the final of the 2013/14 amateur rugby organized by the Association. Red Star Rugby Uisp Milan and Milan, the football tournament racist Abba Cup, the Mondiali 2014 organized by Uisp in Emilia-Romagna, the Tournament of Fubal Popolare di Bergamo, the tournament sport of soccer and rugby No Racism Cup 2014 in the province of Lecce, the Tournament Antiracist in Focene (Rome ) organized by the Association. All Reds Rugby.
Thanks to direct participation in these initiatives will be developed and produced by the project participants a video story of those experiences, and through concrete examples of solidarity sport, give value to the themes of sport and anti-racism, as well as educate for active citizenship and cooperation among young people in Europe.
Participation in these activities in the territory of Milan and Italian, in fact, will forge links and exchange experiences with sports organizations and anti-racism not only in Italy but also in Europe, given the significant participation international associations and clubs to events like the Mondiali Uisp and tournaments such as No Racism Cup. Videos shot and collected at various sporting events, are then assembled into a video thanks to the skills and capabilities of some audio-visual components. The audiovisual material produced will allow for further dissemination of the themes of the project and the involvement of other young people and will be the final material of the project to be submitted for evaluation.